Business Law  

The Hurley Stanners Business Law practice encompasses working with business clients in a variety of ways from creating new business entities, obtaining necessary business licenses, developing or reviewing contracts, including Employment Agreements, Distribution Agreements, Confidentiality and Non-Competition Agreements, License Agreements, Service Agreements and Franchise Agreements; buying or selling a business; obtaining bank financing; buying real estate for the client’s business and working through other issues that businesses experience from time to time.

Our business practice is focused on the uniqueness of each company and on providing owners with the type of resources necessary to grow to the next level. We generally serve as outside general counsel to our clients, even our smallest clients!  Our holistic approach is important to all businesses.

We regularly help our clients address, distribution agreements, licensing issues, contractual disputes, internet-based sales tax lawsuits, international services agreements, web developer agreements and creating website content for e-commerce businesses. Read more…

Commercial Real Estate 

Hurley Stanners, LLC works with developers of shopping centers, commercial property and residential real estate projects. Representation includes land acquisition, bank financing, real estate sale agreements, construction contracts and disputes, representation in the creation and negotiation of Land Leases and commercial Leases, Easement Agreements, creation of condominium documents, including the Property Report and Declaration in compliance with State and City laws and the representation of condominium developers in the sale of units.

Our commercial contractors are busy with a number of issues. Further, we have a number of business clients looking to buy or lease new manufacturing and office space, given the deals that are currently available in the market at this time. Read more…

Creative Arts and Entertainment

The firm’s arts and entertainment practice varies broadly. Clients include production companies, graphic design companies, recording companies, musical artists, visual artists, fashion designers, stock photography companies, actresses, an assistant producer of a reality television show and others in the arts.

We have negotiated an Option Agreement for a first time screenplay writer’s adaptation of a classic novel. Our worldclass visual artist client, Nick Cave, recently needed a License Agreement negotiated for the use of one of his sculptural pieces as artwork for a CD cover for a new musical group. We also worked with Nick on a Production Agreement for the production of 8 films which serves as part of Nick’s exhibit at The Lille 3000, Lille, France 80 Artist Exhibition.  We have worked with the family of a young actress to have a contract approved by the Court, as she is only 12 years old. Read more…