There is a feeling when a client walks into any law firm.  Sometimes it is a feeling of grandeur, great views and quiet hallways.  After being located in downtown Chicago for 28 years, the feeling that Hurley Stanners & Matsko, LLC now conveys is quality legal services and business consultation in a friendly, convenient location.   New and old clients are greeted by our receptionist, with a big smile, and then they meet an attorney.  Talk is casual at first, but then it’s down to the serious task of seeing how Hurley Stanners & Matsko, LLC can help.  Usually we start-off, asking about the business owner’s experience in their industry, their business’ history, the owner’s goals and then down to the immediate issues at hand.

Because of our holistic approach, when a client comes to us for a problem, we will also check on whether the client’s legal basics have been covered.  Things like confirming that trademarks, business or professional licenses have been renewed or yearly Illinois statutory filings have been made in order to insure that a new corporate or limited liability company client has not been dissolved.  We check on licensing, zoning and other issues. Basics are important at the end of the day.  Basics save money, reduce risk and avoid unexpected investigations, dissolution and litigation.  We also check the businesses a client is going to partner or do business with in order to avoid future problems.  We do not like unnecessary problems for our clients as all business owners will agree that those come on their own for all.

We work with domestic and international companies, start-ups and individual’s business needs.  We work on a per project basis or as outside general counsel.  We believe that every individual and business deserves good, focused, individualized legal services. Our holistic approach is important for all clients.  We are aggressive when we need to be and doggedly patient when that will better produce needed results.  We are detail oriented and are not afraid to pull up our sleeves to wade into documents, financials, etc.  We strive for good client communication with our clients, whether by email, fax, phone or letters.  You choose.  We know that every person and every business is at a different technology level.

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