Our business law practice is founded on the recognition that each business is unique and on providing owners with the types of resources necessary to grow to the next level. In some instances that means creating, “charts of obligation” for the client after a particularly complicated purchase of a business or the resolution of a problem.  For instance, one foreign company found that its management had changed so much in the years since the company had operated in the United States that we charted each acquisition’s contract for the new President so that he could get his hands around the business much better. Another client, who inadvertently used the trademark of another company, needed to have a chart for their post Settlement Agreement obligations to make sure that they complied with each detail; take down signage, redo social media, redo menus, etc.

Hurley Stanners & Matsko, LLC represents US and foreign businesses and individuals in their domestic and international business ventures.  Hurley Stanners & Matsko, LLC provides representation involving incorporation of business ventures, licensing, Shareholder (Buy/Sell Agreements) and Operating Agreements, Joint Venture and Partnership Agreements, acquisitions and sales of a client’s business, loan document review and negotiation.  We also draft, review and negotiate business contracts including domestic and international Equipment Purchase Agreements, License Agreements, Franchise Agreements, Distributorship Agreements, Service Agreements, Employment Agreements, Software Development Agreements and Technology Agreements.  We have long worked with general contractors, architects and owners of residential and commercial property on contracts for construction projects , including American Institute of Architects (AIA) Documents.  We often work with clients to resolve business disputes, whether with co-owners, vendors or employees.  We have worked with a number of potential franchisees in reviewing Franchise Agreements, franchise owner associations to resolve major concerns with their franchisor and worked with other franchisees in terminating their franchise, both at the end of the term as well as mid-term in the event of a dispute.

The firm has assisted numerous businesses and individuals in the marketing, creative arts and entertainment fields with their business legal needs.  Unlike many business boutiques we have extensive experience with copyright, trademark and patent law and we use that knowledge to identify issues and then assist our clients with the business aspects of those issues. We work with excellent attorneys who concentrate in trademark and patent issues and filings or we can work with someone you have already retained.

Our outside general counsel services involve investigating lawsuits, claims and governmental agency claims, reviewing company insurance coverage, working with insurance defense counsel, working with litigation counsel on litigation strategy and reviewing association and trade magazines for potential client risk areas so that we can proactively address issues. This is always cheaper for clients than reacting after the fact to a problem.