You have worked hard to build your wealth and now it’s time to design a strategy on how best to protect it and pass it on. Without proper planning the assets you have succeeded in acquiring can be taken away or taxed more heavily than necessary. In some cases, unprepared heirs will received reduced amounts because they do not have the advice and tools that they need or they simply lack the structure required to protect them from litigation or failed marriages. By allowing us to assist you in preparing for these future unforeseen events, you can protect your wealth, your lifestyle, your heirs and your estate. If you’re ready to begin the estate planning process, you need the help of an attorney with the knowledge to protect the interests of you and your loved ones. That’s where Hurley Stanners & Matsko, LLC comes in.

Hurley Stanners & Matsko, LLC offers a comprehensive range of estate planning services, including:

  • Wills and trusts
  • Living wills and powers of attorney
  • Probate/Estate administration
  • Will contests and litigation
  • Taxes and estate distribution

Most importantly, Hurley Stanners & Matsko, LLC is committed to providing you with the respect you deserve. When you become a client, you can expect attentive, personalized service at every step in the legal process. Whether it’s planning for your family’s future, executing a loved one’s will, or working through the probate process, Hurley Stanners & Matsko, LLC is ready to help.